About Doraemon

Doraemon is insanely popular manga-series for kids, written and illustrated by duet Fujiko F. Fujio. This manga has also been adapted into anime series three times by three different companies. The first adaptation appeared in 1973, than in 1979 and the last one was presented in 2005. This manga has already become iconic and beloved by a number of different generations of people.

Doraemon is robotic cat, who was sent from the 22th century to help unlucky boy Nobita Nobi. Great-great-grandson of this fourth-grader tried to make a better future for him, that`s why he sent the robot-cat to the present days. Doraemon is very weird cat, emotional and expressive. He can easily become angry when somebody calls him “Racoon”, or starts to panic in every emergency situation.

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