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About Steep Video Game
This game is dedicated to a variety of ski entertainment and is an arcade sports in the open world. In addition to skiing high in the mountains there are other opportunities for outdoor activities. In the game, freedom of action, many tracks and tests for every taste, a huge open world. Performing tasks, passing trails and even ordinary trips or flights bring experience points that allow you to grow in the level of reputation. Also, for the best results in the race, the characters get the currency – you can spend it to buy new equipment or helicopter tickets, where you can get to any point on the map.

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Powerful racing, speed, obstacles – exactly what you like? Then you’re on the right track! Steep Video Game Theme for New Tab Backgrounds. Download and dive into the world of speed Steep Video Game Wallpapers Chrome Theme for New Tab and have fun! Here you can go to the webstore and install the extension.

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