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About Hello Neighbor
This is a multiplatform video game in the genre of survival horror. The game has 3 acts. In the first act, the main character, being still a child, sees that the neighbor locks someone in the basement and gets there, but in the end the neighbor locks him. Then, with complicated tasks, the second act begins, in which player finds the key and runs away. The third act begins with the fact that being already an adult the main character goes to the house of his childhood. There he sees the burnt down house of a neighbor. And then the final battle begins. In order to get into the house the main character needs to knock down a neighbor. The main task is to get into the house of a neighbor and collect the items necessary to unlock access to his basement. When a player investigates a neighbor’s house, he should not be noticed by him, so that he wouldn’t be caught and he wouldn’t lose. If the player is caught, he will go back to his house and he will have to penetrate the neighbor’s mysterious house again.

Hello Neighbor Wallpapers Chrome Theme for New Tab

Hello Neighbor Game Wallpapers Chrome Theme for New Tab
Here we give you the opportunity to install Hello Neighbor Game HD Wallpapers for Chrome or Chrome based browsers as Theme for New Tab Backgrounds. Here you can go to the webstore and install the extension.

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