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About WW2
WW2 – Massive multiplayer online first-person shooter. The actions in the game take place in Europe during the Second World War. The game itself is a virtual battlefield with simulations of various types of weapons. The player has the opportunity to fight as an infantry or paratrooper using various types of weapons, to manage various tanks, armored vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, anti-tank and anti-aircraft artillery. A player can fight on the side of one of the three armies: German, French, British. The game takes place in real time.
WW2 Game Wallpapers Chrome Theme for New Tab

WW2 Game Wallpapers Chrome Theme for New Tab

Here you have the opportunity to install WW2 Game Wallpapers for Chrome or Chrome based browsers as Theme for New Tab Backgrounds. Here you can go to the webstore and install the extension.

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